Hyper HD Mystery Zone

Welches Wissen entsteht Wissen in Abwesenheit von Evidenz? Wie entsteht Wissen, wenn der Untersuchungsgegenstand unerreichbar ist oder sich schlicht der Analyse entzieht? Marguerite Humeau nutzt die Mittel des Designs, um sich diesen Fragen anzunähern.


Marguerite Humeau  Hyper HD Mystery Zone
Hyper HD Mystery Zone is an introduction to a design trilogy exploring the possibility of communication between worlds and the means by which knowledge is generated through the impossibility of reaching the object of investigation – it being extinct, unknown, invisible or physically inaccessible. Design is used to explore the means by which knowledge is generated in the absence of evidence, or in the impossibility of either reaching or analysing the object of investigation. The Opera of Prehistoric Creatures, first chapter of this trilogy, is an epic journey that aims at resuscitating the sound of prehistoric creatures by reconstructing their vocal tracts. The Things? – A Trip to Europa, second chapter of the trilogy, is a design odyssey that was triggered by the rumour that creatures are living under the ice cap of Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa. The project is a fictional trip to Europa, performed as a real expedition to Antarctica. The conjecture that one could converse with the creatures living in the volcanoes of Antarctica, and by extrapolation communicate with the extraterrestrials of Europa, without having to travel to another planet, is the starting point for The Things?. The project is a proposal for serenading outer space creatures with stunts, vibrations, chemistry, light and live magic. Acting as a designer-illusionist, Humeau has conceived devices and incantatory stunts to trick these otherworldly creatures into responding to her communication signals.